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WATCH THIS: Robert Conquest -- lies about socialism, Stalin and the USSR (Proletarian TV, December 2015)
READ THIS: The crisis in British steel -- a victim of capitalist overproduction (Lalkar, May 2016)
LISTEN TO THIS: Comrade Ella Rule on the EU referendum: should we care? (Proletarian Radio, May 2016)
EVENT: BRISTOL: After Brexit: What Now?: Saturday 16 July, 2.00pm

As Britain's political establishment goes into a tailspin trying to work out what to do about the EU referendum vote, we ask what all the ructions are really about and what workers should be doing now.    More details

Vote Leave in the referendum on 23 June!
Comrades Harpal Brar and Ella Rule make the working-class case for a Brexit vote.
LEAFLET: British workers need a Brexit!

British workers need a Brexit!The EU is in essence an imperialist club, not a workers' one. It is designed to give Europe's capitalist rulers the economic and militarily strength to safeguard their imperialist status against (a) their imperialist and non-imperialist rivals, (b) the oppressed peoples they exploit abroad, and (c) the working classes at home.

Not only would Britain outside the EU be less able to bully other countries, but the EU's power would also diminish, and US imperialism would be weakened by the weakening of its ally. Without the presence of Britain in the EU, the US-EU imperialist alliance would probably become much more fragile -- which would only be a good thing for workers and oppressed people everywhere.    Read the leaflet    Read the full article

Workers should vote to leave the EU on Thursday 23 June (Red Youth, June 2016)

Ella Rule on the EU referendum: should we care? (Proletarian Radio, May 2016)

Industry matters: TUC touts for the EU (Proletarian, April 2016)

Industry matters: Unite says no to Brexit (Proletarian, June 2016)

Proletarian: June/July edition online

Proletarian, issue 72 TOP STORIES

No to the new doctors' contract; save our NHS!

Police lies revealed at Hillsborough; Orgreave must be next

Reclaiming May Day for the working class

Maduro 'ready to radicalise the revolution'

Syria consolidates her gains

Ukraine: Eurovision circus but no bread

Workers’ Party of Korea reaffirms its commitment to socialism

Industry matters: Unite says no to Brexit

BHS workers facing loss of jobs and pensions

Celebrating Shakespeare: a Marxist-Leninist perspective

Proletarian, issue 72 >>

International Workers' Day in London, 1 May 2016
Harpal Brar refutes the campaign to demonise those who stand against Israeli zionism as anti-semitic and Paul Cannon explains why we need to build a revolutionary party. Join us!
Save our NHS!
Surgeon Ranjeet Brar and GP Youssef El-Gingihy explain how the doctors' struggle relates directly to NHS privatisation.

Save our NHSBy 2017/18 Britain's annual PFI repayment will reach a staggering £10.1bn, as we are forced to repay up to 12 times the initial sums 'loaned'. This usury is quite literally costing lives, and scrapping it could save the NHS, yet none of our ministers will be persuaded to 'see sense': servicing capital is their goal, not safeguarding our health.    Read the leaflet

Junior doctors' fight to save our NHS betrayed (Proletarian, December 2015)

Connection between the junior doctors' contract and NHS privatisation (Proletarian, Dec 2015)

Cuban life indicators continue to rise (Proletarian, February 2014)

How do we defend the NHS? (Proletarian, December 2013)

NHS: death by a thousand cuts (Proletarian, February 2013)

Last chance to save the NHS (Proletarian, February 2012)

End in sight for National Health Service (Proletarian, August 2006)
What is dialectics and what has it got to do with the struggle for socialism?
Marxist philosophy: highest achievement of science and great weapon in the hands of the working class.
STATEMENT: Britain out of Syria; Victory to Assad!

Victory to the Syrian Arab Republic!British workers need to understand that, unlike the Nato invaders, Russia was invited by Syria's popular government to support its army and people. Russia is wanted in Syria; it is trusted by Syrians. Russia is helping target all terrorist groups that are attacking Syria's people and trying to overthrow their elected government; Nato targets only those it cannot control. Russia is invested in the national independence of a free, secular, sovereign Syria; Nato wishes to destroy all vestiges of Syrian independence.    Read the statement

Syria stands firm against ceasefire violations (Lalkar, May 2016)

Paris terror attacks: proof that we need to overthrow imperialism (Statement, Nov 2015)

Editorial: Russia backs the Syrian people (Proletarian, October 2015)

The US is bombing the Syrian and Iraqi people, not the Islamic State (Statement, Oct 2014)

The media war on Syria: how it misleads honest activists (Lalkar, Nov 2013)

Defeat the murderous imperialist war against the Syrian people! (Statement, August 2013)

Stop the War Coalition ten years on (Red Youth blog, February 2013)

World War One book cover PAMPHLET: World War One: An Interimperialist War to Redivide the World

The first world war was fought by the major imperialist powers in order to determine which powerful countries should control which portions of the world as colonies and spheres of influence, and the heavy price of their forceful redivision was paid by the workers and peasants of Europe and the colonies in blood. The people's revolutionary anger was pivotal in bringing about the Easter Rising in Ireland and led to the success of the October socialist revolution in Russia and the former Russian colonies.

Today, our imperialist rulers are working hard to deceive us about both the causes and consequences of WW1; their hired hacks are proving afresh the observation of Frederick Engels that the 'best-paid historiography is that which is best falsified for the purposes of the bourgeoisie'. If we wish to stop the next world war, we must avoid the traps being set for us by the professional liars. The lessons that we learn will have a direct impact on the success of our fight for socialism in the 21st century.    More info

VIDEO: Harpal Brar and Ella Rule introduce the new book (Proletarian TV, October 2015)

Who is to blame for the refugee crisis?

Refugees welcome: no-one is illegalIn a perverse twist, politicians, supported by the media, are now starting to use the refugee crisis to step up their open aggression in Syria. Just as IS, which was itself built up by western imperialism and its allies in the first place, was used as an excuse for direct attacks, certain politicians and commentators have started arguing that the best way to help the refugees is to drop even more bombs on Syria!    Read the statement     Read the full article

The refugee crisis in Calais (Lalkar, September 2015)

Corbyn's attempts to reform the Labour party rebound (Proletarian, December 2015)

The Labour leadership contest and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn (Lalkar, September 2015)

Behind the tragedy of the Libyan boat people (Lalkar, March 2015)

CPGB-ML congress calls for an end to immigration control (Proletarian, August 2008)

Book: Capitalism and Immigration (H Brar, 2009)

Get educated: what your history books never told you about the civil rights movement
The fathers of the US civil rights movement identified their struggle with communism, not black nationalism
It's not a Labour government we need, it's a strong communist organisation!

Labour Tory same old story ... Join the class struggle!How is it possible that our rulers have fooled so many of us so effectively? How is it that, despite the hideous consequences of austerity taking effect amongst Britain's most vulnerable workers, and despite the unpopularity of the cuts, so many workers were convinced that voting Tory, Ukip, LibDem, SNP or Labour was the right thing to do?    Read the leaflet

Election circus over, the class struggle continues (Proletarian, June 2015)

General election results: the Scottish context (Proletarian, June 2015)

Social Democracy -- the Enemy Within (H Brar, 1995)

We Are Many: new film prettifies mis-leaders of the anti-war movement (Prol, June 2015)

UKIP, xenophobia and the upcoming general election (Lalkar, January 2015)

Scottish nationalism: weakening the working-class movement (Proletarian, August 2011)

LEAFLET: End benefit sanctions ... sack Maximus; sack capitalism!

Disabled People Against the Cuts stage a day of action against Maximus, 2 March 2015A growing number of suicides and suicide attempts have been linked by charities and healthcare professionals to the ordeal of facing 'work capability' assessments. Formerly run by the notorious French multinational Atos, they have been handed over to the equally bloodsucking US-based Maximus. Another corporation looking to make money by depriving the needy of their meagre benefits.    Read the leaflet    Read the full article

Disgraceful neglect of the disabled in Britain (Proletarian, February 2016)

Axe the tax! Let the rich pay for their crisis! (Leaflet, March 2013)

Poverty and inequality in Britain (Lalkar, July 2014)

Criminalising the poor (Proletarian, June 2014)

The Universal Credit benefits system (Lalkar, March 2013)

Red Youth: Who stole our future? (Leaflet, October 2011)

Speech: What does the USSR mean to my generation? (Proletarian TV, August 2011)

Want to know what's really going on in the world? Get the truth from Proletarian TV
War in Ukraine; colour revolutions ... don't believe the corporate media lies!
LEAFLET: Britain out of Nato; Nato out of the Donbass!

Donetsk and Soviet flags adorn a self-defence force armoured vehicleCameron may derive a false sense of security from sheltering under Obama's wing, but the reality is that imperialism is taking the British people into the most direct confrontation with Russia since 14 imperialist armies were pitted against the fledgling Soviet Republic in 1919.    Read the leaflet

Kiev: political crisis still rages (Lalkar, May 2016)

Solidarity: We need an truly anti-imperialist anti-war movement (Blog, October 2015)

Stepan Bandera -- the Ukrainian fascists' 'hero' (Proletarian, April 2015)

Understanding sanctions as a means of economic warfare (Proletarian, October 2014)

We did not go to war, the war came to us (Interview,, August 2014)

"Ukraine Nazis selling safari tours to kill separatists" (Interview,, August 2014)

Ukraine referenda: the people speak (Proletarian, June 2014)

Crimea goes home (Proletarian, April 2014)

Imperialism and national liberation in Africa
What stops Africans from using their resources to build decent lives for themselves?
Ebola epidemic exposes the pathology of the capitalist system

Cuba has 2,500 doctors working in 32 African countries. More than 250 have been sent to help stem the Ebola outbreakWhy are we confronted with an Ebola epidemic in West Africa? The answer lies not in the pathology of the disease but in the pathology of our society and the global political and economic architecture. It is not an accident that the present Ebola epidemic has affected three of the poorest countries in the world. It has been brought about by poverty, which in turn is a consequence of the extreme inequity fostered by the present capitalist system.    
Read the article

Behind the tragedy of the Libyan boat people (Lalkar, March 2015)

Kenya, Somalia and imperialism (Lalkar, November 2013)

Mali: another filthy, predatory imperialist war (Lalkar, March 2013)

Connecting the African and British struggles against imperialism (Proletarian, June 2013)

Marikana massacre: a turning point in South Africa (Proletarian, October 2012)

The Kenya files (Proletarian, June 2012)

Somali oil: black gold and imperial conquest (Proletarian, April 2012)

No justice, no peace!

In England and Wales alone, some 1,500 people have died in police custody since 1990. No police officer has been charged in connection with even one these murdersThe British state murders with impunity: 'to protect and serve' the capitalist class. Not only the Met, but the whole capitalist system is inherently racist and anti-working class, and needs to be dismantled. This is the core truth that underlies police injustice.    Read the article

Ferguson Missouri: imperialism at home (Lalkar, September 2014)

Youth uprising: Battle for control of the working-class movement (Proletarian, Aug 2011)

Rage against capitalism (Proletarian, August 2011)

Revolt is an example to emulate (Proletarian, August 2011)

Red Youth statement of aims: We Want Freedom! (Updated, Aug 2011)

Worsening economic crisis sees violent repression escalate (Prol, June 2011)

Death of reggae star Smiley Culture (Proletarian, June 2011)

The battle of Stokes Croft (Proletarian, June 2011)

Students lead the way with Millbank occupation (Proletarian, December 2010)

British state-sponsored thugs in uniform: licensed to kill (Lalkar, May 2009)

Scottish nationalism: weakening the working-class movement

Workers carry a banner with the slogan Workers united will never be defeatedThe lessons from science and from history are clear. We support the independence movements of the oppressed nations because that weakens imperialism and enables workers to unite on the basis of equality. Scotland is neither a separate nation nor is it oppressed.

Therefore to support Scottish nationalism is to divide the working class for no good reason. The coming anti-capitalist struggles will be hard enough; we have no business making them even harder by allowing ourselves to be corralled into smaller and smaller groups.
Read the article

The national question in Scotland (Lalkar, September 2012)

Scotland: a part of the British nation (Proletarian, December 2012)

Marxism and the National Question (JV Stalin, May 1913)

Gaza under attack -- organise your resistance!
Media lies are facilitating the genocide in Palestine. Educate yourself and others.
LEAFLET: Stand with Gaza ... Join the axis of resistance!

Palestine shall win by LatuffWe are not only consumers but workers. Our media unions have the power to organise their members to refuse to write, publish or broadcast war propaganda. We have a duty to remind the public of the Nuremberg ruling that the creation of such propaganda is itself a war crime.

Our manufacturing unions need to back us up so that those who are making munitions for Israel can refuse to carry out such work. Those of us who provide any goods or services to Israel and to the settlements should be empowered to withdraw our labour-power from such work and explain exactly why we are doing so to the British public.    Read the leaflet

What does the UN resolution on Palestinian statehood mean? (Lalkar, January 2015)

In-depth analysis: Stand with Gaza (Proletarian, August 2014)

Resistance is the key to defeating zionism (joti2gaza, July 2014)

Resistance to oppression is a UN-recognised human right (joti2gaza, August 2014)

PSC: Palestine Safety-valve Committee? (Proletarian, February 2013)

No justice for the Gaza protestors (Proletarian, August 2010)

India's revolutionary past and present
Comrade Harpal Brar introduces a liberation fighter from the last century and discusses the situation in India today.
Inquilab Zindabad book cover BOOK: Inquilab Zindabad, India's Liberation Struggle by Harpal Brar

There is a widespread myth spread by bourgeois historians that Ghandi and the Indian National Congress were solely responsible for achieving India's independence from the much-hated British Raj, and that they did it using only the message of non-violence, peaceful non-cooperation and civil disobedience. The truth is quite the reverse. The heroes of the 1857 revolt, the Ghadar patriots, and Bhagat Singh and his comrades inspired and led the Indian masses in armed struggle as the best means of liberating their country from British colonial occupation.    More info

Ghadar movement -- forerunners of the Indian liberation struggle (Lalkar, July 2013)

Ghadar movement part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (Lalkar, Sep 2013-May 2014)

On Bhagat Singh, part 2, part 3, part 4 (Lalkar, May 2007-Jan 2008)

Bhagat Singh's statement to the court (Lalkar, Sep 2006)

Chatto -- an anti-colonial and anti-imperialist revolutionary, part 2 (Lalkar, March-May 2016)

LEAFLET: Disband the neo-Nazi Nato alliance!

Not a single home or building was left intact after the Nato nazis had finished bombing Sirte in LibyaIt is clear that US imperialism dreams of subjugating Russia, overwhelming the People's Republic of China and achieving world domination. It is equally clear that it will ultimately be no more successful than were the original Hitlerites

We workers in the imperialist countries have a duty to fight for the disbandment of this predatory, warmongering neo-Nazi alliance, which brings death, destruction and misery to our brothers and sisters all over the world.    Read the leaflet    Read the full article

US -- the worst torturer and violator of human rights (Lalkar, January 2015)

Ground the drones; no cooperation with British war crimes! (Lalkar, May 2013)

Afghanistan: In imperialism's bloody wake (Proletarian, August 2014)

Ethnic cleansing in Nato's 'new' Libya (Proletarian, December 2011)

Nato's Predatory War Against Yugoslavia (Book, March 2009)

Libya: a media war (Proletarian TV, October 2011)

LEAFLET: Workers have the power to end this crisis!

Greek communists occupy the Acropolis in Athens and call upon European workers to rise upSocial democrats -- Labour and all those who ask us to put our faith in it -- are passionately attached to the idea that monopoly capital can somehow be 'fixed'. All the groups popping up to declare themselves as 'people's assemblies' pledged to 'unite the resistance' in an 'anti-cuts alliance' behind a 'network of shop stewards' have one common trait: they are all desperate to persuade workers that capitalism can be reformed by mass protest; desperate to stop us from learning Marxist science, taking a revolutionary path and abolishing the system that is at the root of all our problems.    Read the leaflet

Time to face it: capitalism must go! (Leaflet, March 2013)

Save the Children issue new report: hunger = illiteracy (Red Youth blog, May 2013)

Editorial: Obscene levels of poverty and wealth (Proletarian, August 2012)

Red Youth: Who stole our future? (Leaflet, October 2011)

Speech: Join the struggle! (Proletarian TV, August 2011)

The economics of capitalist imperialism
Capitalism vs socialiam. A no-brainer, surely??
LEAFLET: No cooperation with capitalist austerity!

Protestor's placard reads: 'Stop evictions'. Locksmiths and firefighters have refused to cooperate with evictions in SpainOur rulers have made it clear what their plan is: they hope to pass the burden of their latest crisis onto the backs of working people through austerity and war, saving their fortunes and their system at our expense. They do not care what catastrophic effects their self-preservation strategies have on the planet or the masses of humanity.

It is time for Britain's workers to make an alternative plan. If we want to stop this assault, we must stop expecting the minions of the capitalist state to deliver justice and get organised to claim what is rightfully ours.    Read the leaflet    Read the full article

HSBC -- the banksters' bank (Lalkar, March 2015)

The destruction of legal aid is an attack on workers' rights (Proletarian, February 2014)

Cuts, floods and climate change (Proletarian, February 2014)

Capitalism, wages and exploitation (Proletarian, August 2013)

Speech: Join the struggle (Proletarian TV, August 2011)

Understand your past so you can fight for your future!
Where did class society come from? What is the state? Why do we need a revolution?
The real story of the anti-fascist war
Understanding WW2 - the Spanish Civil War and the Battle of Stalingrad.
LEAFLET: The People's Assembly must beware the Grand Old Dukes of York!

The Grand Old Dukes of OpportunismThe People's Assembly's self-appointed leaders say they want to take meaningful action to stop the cuts, but they propose to achieve this aim by handing our campaigns over to the same union leaders who have steadfastly refused to take on the fight, and to the same Labour party that oversaw privatisation and austerity (and predatory wars abroad) when in power, and that promises more of the same if elected in 2015!    Read the leaflet    Read the full article

New housing bill paves way for final destruction of social housing (Prol, Feb 2016)

Health warning: capitalism kills (Proletarian, February 2016)

Breadline Britain: the rise of the food banks (Proletarian, December 2013)

Energy prices through the roof and rising (Proletarian, December 2013)

Postal workers and tax payers shafted in the Royal Mail sell-off (Lalkar, November 2013)

The CPGB-ML is fighting for communism -- the future that works!
Join us and help to make it happen
Women hold up half the sky
Not a single great movement of the oppressed has been able to do without the participation of working women!
Women's liberation will only be achieved under socialism

Poster for the Chinese film Red Detachment of WomenWhere does women's oppression come from? How can we end it? As the crisis deepens, the situation of women is becoming worse and not better. Women are disproportionately affected by cuts and unemployment, while the rights of working women with caring responsibilities are once more being openly attacked by employers who demand 'flexibility' above all else.

Women hold up half the sky (Proletarian, April 2014)

VIDEO: Early feminism: bourgeois and proletarian (Proletarian TV, March 2014)

One hundred years of International Women's Day (Proletarian, February 2011)

Made in Dagenham (film review) (Proletarian, February 2011)

Striking a Light, the Bryant and May Matchwomen (book review) (Proletarian, June 2011)

Claudia Jones, Communist (Pamphlet, April 2015)

Revolutionary women: From Constance Markiewicz to Valentina Tereshkova (R Youth, Mar 14)

Why should you be celebrating International Women's Day? (Red Youth, March 2014)

Cutting out the lies about north Korea
CPGB-ML member Keith Bennett talks to George Galloway, and the Korean ambassador talks to the CPGB-ML
STATEMENT: The US is stoking the flames of war in Korea

Top: Anti-war poster slogan reads: No more war, US out of Korea. Bottom: Che Guevara was a great admirer of Kim Il Sung and socialist KoreaIn the context of the latest US-led military exercises, more and more deadly military equipment is being poured into the Korean tinderbox. Three warships are gathering in the waters just off Korea's coast, and thousands of US soldiers are engaged in full-scale dress-rehearsal for a nuclear war.

Meanwhile, nuclear-capable US B-52 bombers have been practising bombing raids over Korea, awaking memories among the people of the DPRK of how every town and city in their country was flattened by US carpet-bombing raids in the genocidal war of 1950-53. Four million Koreans were killed as a result of imperialism's barbaric assault on their country.   
Read the statement

'Symbiotic relationship between Hollywood and US military/state dpt' (Lalkar, Jan 2015)

Korea: front line between socialism and imperialism (Proletarian, February 2014)

US imperialism threatens war in Korea and targets China (Lalkar, May 2013)

VIDEO: Juche in Britain and Korea (Proletarian TV, July 2012)

VIDEO: Kim Jong Il - a revolutionary life (Proletarian TV, February 2013)

VIDEO: North Korea - reality check! (Proletarian TV, November 2010)

STATEMENT: A red salute to Comrade Hugo Chávez

Comrade Hugo ChavezA great revolutionary light has been extinguished, but the cause for which President Hugo Chávez fought lives on as his abiding legacy, for it is the finest cause in all the world -- and he served it truly.

It is with profound sorrow that we learned of Comrade Chávez's deteriorating medical condition and death, but his great spirit -- which helped to transform the economic and political relations of his fellow workers, the Venezuelan masses, and the Americas -- lives on.
Read the statement

Venezuela: coup attempt defeated (Lalkar, March 2015)

Hugo Chávez: heroic internationalist revolutionary (Proletarian, April 2013)

Support Venezuela against imperialist-backed sabotage (Proletarian, December 2013)

Hugo Chávez: A great revolutionary life, lived in the service of humanity (Lalkar, May 2013)

Condolences to the Venezuelan people (Blog, March 2013)

Missed a meeting? Watch these
Nelson Mandela: freedom fighter
Nelson Mandela and his legacy

Comrade Nelson MandelaAttempts are being made to rewrite the history of Mandela and the ANC. A myth is in the process of being created according to which Mandela was totally committed to non-violence; that he was a South African Gandhi who opposed the use of armed resistance by the oppressed masses in pursuit of their liberation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. After the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, Mandela was one of the key founders of the ANC's military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961, and its first Commander-in-Chief. He never went back on the principle of armed resistance in pursuit of liberation.    Read the article

Mandela obituary from the Marxist Workers School of South Africa (Blog, December 2013)

Mandela: A life of hard and heroic struggle in the service of the masses (Lalkar, Jan 2014)

Remembering Nelson Mandela (joti2gaza, January 2014)

Poem: Tata Madiba, we are ONE with you! (Blog, January 2014)

Trotskyism is a tool of the capitalists ... Leninism is a weapon for the workers!

Stalin: imperialism brings the workers to revolutionTrotsky's attacks on 'Stalinism' were actually just the continuation of his lifelong struggle against Leninism. The counter-revolutionary nature of Trotskyism explains why Trotsky is held up to schoolchildren throughout the imperialist world as the 'real' revolutionary!    Read the leaflet

Leaflet: Ditch Labour to fight the cuts!

It needs to be spelt out: the Labour party stands for the defence of British imperialist interests, and it uses its TUC and union placemen to stop workers from doing real damage to those interests, no matter what the human costs at home or abroad.    Read the leaflet

Leaflet: Forget the jubilee (June 2012)

Speech: Join the struggle (Proletarian TV, July 2011)

Communists and the struggle against imperialism (Proletarian, December 2011)

Stopping the war machine: anti-war work in Britain (Lalkar, July 2012)

Leaflet: Who stole our future? (October 2011)

Video: Trotskyism or Leninism? (Proletarian TV, January 2012)

Iris and Godfrey: a true communist couple
Doing what needed to be done, and doing it gladly.
Red salute to Comrade Iris Cremer (November 1943-April 2014)

Comrade Godfrey CremerTogether with Comrade Godfrey, Iris lived a life that taught a whole generation just what it meant to really be a communist. Their selfless, work-focused home was as warm and welcoming a place as any of us have ever known, and their example lives on in all who had the good fortune to experience their generous hospitality and gentle guidance.
Tribute to Iris Mary Jessie Cremer

The sunshine of the oppressed -- a poem for Iris (Lalkar, May 2014)

Mourning the death, and celebrating the life of Comrade Iris (Red Youth blog, April 2014)

Photos of Iris's memorial meeting and her funeral (Flickr)

Video tributes from Godfrey's memorial meeting (Proletarian TV, May 2012)

Video: Katt Cremer on the October revolution (Proletarian TV, November 2013)

Red salute to Comrade Godfrey Cremer (May 1943-March 2012)

Comrade Godfrey CremerThis remarkable man -- hardworking, dedicated and self-effacing -- had many opponents, but not a single personal enemy. His gentle manner, courteous behaviour, concern for others, and warm concern for humanity obliged even his opponents to hold him in high regard.
Tribute to Godfrey Andries Cremer

Video tributes from Godfrey's memorial meeting (Proletarian TV, May 2012)

Song for Godfrey (Proletarian, June 2012)

Letter of condolence from South African comrades (Proletarian, April 2012)

Poem: Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh (Proletarian, April 2006)

Poem: Zimbabwe Chimurenga (Proletarian TV, February 2012)

Poem: Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh (Proletarian TV, Nov 2011)

Darwin, Marx and materialism (Proletarian TV, June 2009)

Libya, Syria and the Middle East (Proletarian TV, March 2011)

About the CPGB-ML

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Not only do we need to campaign against the bad conditions and lack of prospects for working-class people in Britain today, but we need to work for a completely different type of society -- one where people's needs decide everything.

So many problems face this world: environmental catastrophe, poverty, disease, racism and war. They'll never be solved while capitalism remains, but they could all be sorted if society was set up for the benefit of the majority rather than the private gain of a few billionaires.

Our party is different because we consistently apply Marxist science to all areas of our work, and we're not scared to tell it how it is. We refuse to be intimidated by the barrage of lying propaganda that fills Britain's mainstream media. It is the capitalists' job to try to stop us from building a socialist society; it is our job to do it anyway!

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